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Preparing for Spider Vein Treatment

People dont realize the effect of something unless they are able to experience pain eventually. This is the most usual case that people who are suffering from spider veins. Before, they use to neglect it believing that it wouldnt really affect them in the future. But feeling pain and discomfort now makes them realize that if they have paid attention to it early on, they would not have to undergo an expensive spider vein treatment.

Getting ready for the treatment

Experts say that the most common form of spider vein treatment is through “sclerotherapy.” This involves a combination of laser treatment and injections, which are done, in a series that intends to collapse the vein affected. People who are planning to undergo a spider vein treatment must be very careful before finally deciding because this will ensure the success of the procedure.

Experts say that getting ready for the spider vein treatment is the first way to really cope up with it. This is because it indicates that the person is already ready to face the problem and do something about it. If you want to be prepared before any spider vein treatment, make sure that you:

1. Have conducted research about the procedure. This is a very important thing that you should do because by doing this, you will have an idea what is the treatment options you have, alternative treatments options if you dont prefer sclerotherapy, what are the qualities of the doctor to look for to ensure that you will be safe during and after the procedure, and the possible side effects of the treatment that you have chosen.

Research can be done by surfing the Internet and looking for sites that offer information on the topic, reading materials such as magazines and books that talk about spider vein treatment and by asking a person who have through the procedure how what the treatment before you finally get into it.

2. Have checked if you or your family has a history of other diseases such as perioral herpes. This is because therapy such as prophylactic antiviral therapy is required to be administered to ensure that there will be no more complications.

3. Have prepared comfortable clothing before the treatment. Since it can be painful, patients who are planning to undergo a spider vein treatment must ensure that enough pieces of comfortable clothing is at hand so he or she can recover fast.

4. Have practiced not to eat at certain periods. Before, during, and after the spider vein treatment, eating is strictly prohibited to ensure that he or she will not vomit when the solution takes effect.

5. Have earned enough money for the spider vein treatment. Two of the most common spider vein treatment options that many physicians administer include the “sclerotherapy” and the “laser therapy”. These two uses modern processes as well as modern equipment so expect that you will be paying more than what you have expected from the normal skin procedures. To make sure that you can shoulder the expenses, it is best to prepare for at lest $10, 000 because the price of each session ranges from $200 and $400.

When it comes to laser treatment, prepare at least $15,000 because each session would cost you from $350 to 450. If your case is more severe, it is get an estimate from the physician who will administer the procedure so you can prepare for the cost of the procedure.

Choosing spider vein treatment options

Today, the person’s physical appearance becomesmost of the timethe innermost reflection of people, their lifestyles, and their personalities. In a world where physical beauty matters, its not surprising that more and more people look for products and treatments that would maintain or even enhance their beauty.

One of the worst physical flaws peopleespecially womenconsider is the occurrence of spider veins on their faces and legs. And since they are more concerned about their physical appearances nowadays, more and more women are enthusiastic in trying spider vein treatments options.

For spider vein treatments options. browsing the Internet will give people almost limitless access to different sites and establishments that offer these services. And with the modern technology, browsing and inquiring for spider vein treatment options in the Internet will give browsers complete information in the comforts of their own office or home.

In looking for best spider vein treatment option, here are some tips in choosing the right one depending on the development of the condition on your skin:

1. Make sure that you consult a dermatologist or a physician first. Before you undergo any spider vein treatment, it is a wise decision to visit your doctor or dermatologist first. The check up will give you an update about the stage of your skin disorder. The physician may also give you prescription what are treatments that are safe and which are not.

2. Know the stage of your spider vein and your skin type. Knowing the type of spider vein your skin nerves has developed will give you an idea which treatments will do wonders on you. Knowing you skin type is also helpful in avoiding the possible allergic reactions you might encounter.

3. Always think positive. Although your spider veins are driving you crazy, dont lose hope that there is no treatment for it. Bear in mind that spider vein is a common nerve problem and there are so many treatment options available on the market today to help you deal with it.

4. Start with a plan and set your course. Dont get overwhelmed with the series of steps you have to go through to solve your spider vein problem for good. Try to start with the basics like proper caring for skin, healthy lifestyle and paying visits to your dermatologist then look for other alternatives. After deciding what is the best way for you to solve your problem, try to research for treatments that would be ideal for your condition. Narrow down your treatment options and decide which are those would be the most beneficial for you.

5. Try to look and ask around. Although it is best to follow your dermatologists prescription, nothing is wrong when you will try to look for spider vein treatment options that can be suitable for you. You might want to ask your friends or attend treatment launching so you will be alert to the latest and effective options to remove spider veins available today.

6. Always take note of the price. If there were one key factor in that will help you decide which spider vein treatment to use, it would be the cost. You should determine first if the treatment option you are planning to undergo is worth your money or if you have enough money to cover for it.

The two most common spider vein treatment options today are the sclerotherapy and the laser therapy which cost around $200 to 400 per session.

Can You Get Spider Vein Treatment

Can you get spider vein treatment? That is one question that only your doctor can answer after conducting a thorough physical examination and reviewing your medical history.

The patients medical history is important because spider vein could be caused by age, heredity, medication or pregnancy. If you think that only females get it, men also do but it is rare for men to undergo treatment so this can be removed.

If you are considering spider vein treatment, you have to be physically fit because people who have circulatory problems, diabetes, heart condition or a blood born disease like hepatitis or AIDS cant undergo this procedure.

One issue that prevents some from undergoing spider vein treatment is the cost. It may be as low as $150 per leg but this could be much higher depending on how many veins have to be treated, how large are the veins, the experience of the doctor and where this will be done.

If you cant afford it, you may want to check if your insurance will be able to cover it. The bad news is that it is rarely covered by your provider because spider veins are considered to be a cosmetic problem, nothing else. If you are lucky, you will be required to present photographs or laboratory studies before your request is approved.

The procedure used by most doctors today is called sclerotherapy. Here, the doctor will inject needles into the affected veins. Studies have shown that the patients condition will improve by 50 to 90 percent but this takes months. The end result is that the spider veins will disappear but this does not prevent new ones from appearing later on.

Patients who choose to undergo sclerotherapy will be on an operating table for about 15 to 45 minutes. Again, this depends on how many veins need to be treated. Anesthesia is not used all throughout and you are awake the whole time. Since the needles are so thin, the only thing you will feel is a prick.

Once you have been injected with the fluid, the area will be bandaged and you will have to wear a prescribed tight fitting hose for 72 hours.

During this time, your legs will look like someone beat you up. To remove the sclerosing solution that was injected, your doctor will advise you to walk. Until the next session which is due in the following month, you should not carry heavy items, exercise, sit, stand or squat for a long period of time.

If money is not an issue and there is nothing in your medical history that is preventing you from undergoing sclerotherapy, the only thing you have to do now is look for a doctor.

Just be sure that the specialist is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). These people are members of a bigger organization namely the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

But can spider veins be prevented? Yes it can as long as you wear a support hose regularly as this helps prevent unwanted blood vessels from developing. You should also exercise regularly and maintain your weight. Lastly, you must avoid exposing yourself too much from the sun as its harmful rays can also do damage.

But some people still experience spider veins despite the measures mentioned and if you want to get rid of it, you have no choice but to undergo spider vein treatment.

Are There Side Effects for Spider Vein Treatment

Are there any side effects from spider vein treatment? There are a few but most people do not experience it. Just the same, you should know what could happen.

The first side effect is hyper pigmentation which occasional develops when the vein is injected. Fortunately, it does not that long and it normally fades. Since your skin will turn dark, one way to prevent people from seeing it is to wear pants or apply bleaching cream.

It is also possible that an inflammation will occur for a few days after the procedure. Doctors that perform on patients say that this is also normal because things will look worse before they get any better. You just have to bear with it.

Your skin may not turn dark but it can become reddish. This happens when multiple veins develop around the injection site.

The last spider vein treatment side effect is deep vein thrombosis. Of the four mentioned this is very rare and when it does happen, the patient will feel pain and the veins will be red, swollen and engorged.

If you experience any of these side effects, it is best to call your doctor immediately so he or she can come over and examine it further.

Doctors will always do their best to prevent complications and side effects like these from occurring. One of the things they do is let you answer a questionnaire and you have to answer it truthfully. You will also need to undergo a physical exam because you may or may not have spider veins but something more serious.

Patients who have circulatory problems, diabetes, heart condition or a blood born disease like hepatitis or AIDS are also not allowed because these people have the tendency to bleed or have poor healing.

If you experienced a blood clot in the past, the doctor will not say no right away so you still have a shot since this is decided on a case to case basis depending on the cause of the clot.

Women who are pregnant or are breast feeding are also not allowed to undergo this procedure because it could contaminate the milk which is fed to the infant and in some cases, spider veins go away on their own once the female gives birth. In both cases, the patient will just have to see the doctor later on if she still wants this done normally after three months.

You should avoid certain activities and taking certain things a week before surgery to prevent any problems. This includes not taking any medication especially antibiotics and not applying any lotion especially in the areas where the doctor will work on.

The side effects of spider vein treatment are minimal and in some cases very rare which is why sclerotherapy which was widely used in Europe has made its way to the US and doctors here have been performing this procedure for more than a decade.

You just have to find a licensed practitioner who will be able to perform this procedure safely so you can go out and show your legs. This could even make you look younger so you will feel good about yourself which is perhaps the best thing about this form of spider form treatment.