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Live Longer by Coping with Anxiety and Stress

A person suffers from stress and anxiety for so many reasons. It may start from small and simple things but the effects can be serious. There are also ways in order for one to cope up with it.

1) Fear is anxiety

Anxiety is a fear of something. One who is anxious feels apprehended. Anxiousness of a certain person can be different from another persons feeling uptight.

2) Set yourself free

For some, traveling via air or sea can cause anxiety. Fear from things will stop you from exploring yourself. There are some classes that you can enroll at to help you overcome your fear. Think of it, overcoming your fear is like gaining freedom.

3) Beware of the signs

Some symptoms can be sudden movement, muscle strain, headaches, dryness of the mouth, sweating, trouble in swallowing and pain in the abdomen. These indications can occur with hasty heartbeat and breathing, sexual problems, bad temper poor concentration, low energy and diarrhea.

4) The positive side of stress

Stress can be from ones negative notion or different circumstances that make the person feel anxious, discouraged and angry. On the other hand, stress is a normal thing that one faces almost everyday.

Given its negative effects, it can be good sometimes if it is moderate because it can make a person feel motivated and help one to become more effective.

5) Scary stress

If you face too much stress, it can affect your health physically and mentally. Such things are heart disease, different types of infection, depression, and unusual and fatal diseases.

6) Farewell to a loved one

Losing someone you love can be very painful. A persons grief can become more serious. You should go out and entertain yourself. Avoid having idle moments. Think of the blessings that still comes your way. It is good to divert your attention to different activities such as sports, hobbies, joining clubs or whatever things you may be interested in.

7) Stress at work

A job can also be stressful. You probably have a lot of deadlines to meet and too many responsibilities. Never forget that you also need to give yourself at least a few minutes of relaxation. During break time, you may do some stretching and breathing exercises.

After office hours, you could go out with friends and co-workers and just have a good time.

8) From crisis to suicide

Financial crisis is one of the causes of stress especially in third world countries. Some suffers from hunger and then depression. Their financial situation eats them and sometimes they kill themselves and even their husband, wife and kids thinking that it is the only way to get out of their mess.

If you find yourself in this situation, it would help if you will communicate with your loved ones. Tell them how you feel, what you are thinking and ask for advices. If you think it is not enough, you may also seek professional counseling.

9) The sick becomes more sickly

A patients physical and mental condition can be affected when they learn that they carry dreaded diseases. They may worry too much and might cause the disease to worsen and consequently slim the chances for survival. You may help a sickly patient by telling them positive things and stories of survival.

Remember that what is inside a persons mind and how one feels is reflected on the outside. So, always smile and think positive. Keep your cool and set yourself free from unhelpful thoughts. Live healthy and live longer.

Gilbert’s Disease And Its Signs

Many people ask about Gilberts disease and how it affects a person, a lot of people are concerned about having it because there is a little knowledge that can be found about it and there only been a handful of people that are aware that they have it.

How can Gilberts disease go on unnoticed?

One of the main characteristics of Gilberts disease is that it is asymptomatic or it carries no symptoms in most patients. This makes detection and diagnosis really difficult for the doctors and for medical experts. Being asymptomatic in nature makes Gilberts disease one of the few conditions that little are known about. Clinical studies and experimentation is always important in the curing and early detection because the baseline for the condition can be set, the proper dosage for the medication and the duration of the treatment can be directed.

Another factor for the stealth of Gilberts disease is that it has no long term or short term damaging effects to people. This means that patients can live healthy and normal lives and even live to a ripe old age with no hindrances from the condition. The only clear indication that a person has Gilberts disease is if they have experienced jaundice. With only minor stomach pains and yellowish skin and eyes, Gilberts disease causes no great concern to some people.

Other symptoms connected to the condition is uncommon

The person suffering jaundice because of Gilberts disease does not usually cause any major problems, Jaundice is the condition where a person suffers from yellowish skin and eyes and a little stomach pain. However, a number of people with Gilberts disease account other symptoms, the majority of these symptoms are: tiredness, mild weakness, mild abdominal pains and mild nausea. It is not apparent whether these symptoms are in fact connected to Gilberts disease. It is likely that they will build up from time to time due to unsupported nervousness concerning the condition. There does not appear to be any association amid these symptoms and the level of bilirubin in the blood. That is, these symptoms may develop irrelevant to whether or not the level of bilirubin is high or normal.

If the height of bilirubin goes higher than a definite level you turn out to be jaundiced. This is because bilirubin is an orangey-yellow color. A few people with Gilberts disease grow to be a little jaundiced now and then. This might appear to be upsetting, but is of little alarm if the cause is Gilberts disease. It is quite common to be jaundiced if you are a patient of Gilberts disease.

More on the process of breaking down the bilirubin

Jaundicea condition brought about by high levels of bilirubin in the blood stream. For people suffering from Gilberts disease it is caused by the inability of the liver to produce an enzyme that breaks down the bilirubin in the blood and to transfer it to the gut in the form of bilecan be caused by a lot of different diseases of the liver and blood. As a result, if you contract jaundice you are expected to call for tests to make clear the reason and to discard the chance of a serious disease. A blood test can more often than not confirms the diagnosis of Gilberts disease as it demonstrates a mildly raised level of bilirubin and confirms the non-existence of a serious disease.