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The Practical Way of Curing Acne

Dermatologists explain that the various types of acne are caused mainly by irritated blackheads, pimples, and superficial sebaceous cysts on the skin. The areas that are usually affected include the forehead, the temples, the cheeks, the chin, the chest, and even the back. Some medical cases have also proven that acne can affect large areas of the body that result to extensive scarring.

Aside from hormonal imbalance and minor skin disorders, acne is also known to be caused by improper eating habits, chronic constipation and devitalized condition of skin resulted from unhygienic living habits, consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol or tobacco in large amounts, and inactive habits that lead to indigestion and weakness of the body.

Cheap But Effective Remedies

Regardless of age or race, millions of people suffer from dreadful acne breakouts. A visit to the dermatologist or physician would make you purchase topical medicines or oral treatment such as topical retinoids, hormonal antibiotics, or benzyl peroxide treatments. They might probably ask you to undergo minor treatments like laser or micro-dermabrasion.

Before trying all these chemical acne medications either topical or oral, you can try practical acne remedies. It is advisable for most people who suffer from acne to try common and natural remedies because these are chemical-free products that will greatly help in healing acne to avoid further skin irritation.

The following are common household products and items that can do wonders on cleaning and clearing up your skin:

– Baking soda. Most people would find it absurd but this very cheap household product is quite effective in exfoliating the skin. Used as a great scrub, the use of baking soda helps remove dead skin to prevent clogging of pores that may lead to the development of acne spots.

What you need to do is mix a small amount of baking soda then add some water to form a paste. Gently apply the mixture on your skin and massage it. After 5 or 15 minutes, rinse the baking soda off your skin and pat your face dry with a face towel.

– Apple cider vinegar. This is an effective product that is known to kill acne-causing bacteria. Apple cider vinegar is helpful in clearing up your skin. Aside from balancing your skins pH levels, the properties of vinegar absorb excess oils on your skin.

You have to dilute at least 8 parts of vinegar to one part of apple cider vinegar and apply it directly on clean, dry skin. Its up to you if you want to rinse the vinegar youre your skin or you leave it alone.

– Egg Whites. A product that is rich in protein, egg whites is popularly used as a facemask to heal and revitalize the affected skin. Aside from rebuilding your skin, egg whites also helps to absorb extra oil from the skin. After separating the egg white from the egg yolk, beat it and apply it directly on your face. After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse the egg white off your face.

– Oatmeal. Known for its quick absorbing properties, oatmeal is used by many people to absorb excess oil while drawing out impurities that exist deep in the skin. You can cook an ample amount of oatmeal and rub it over the affected area of your skin. After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse it off like a facemask.

– Tea Tree Oil. Used as a common household antiseptic, tea tree oil of (TTO) helps kill acne-causing bacteria when applied directly on skin.

– Lemon or limejuice. If you dont want to use vinegar, you can substitute lemon or lime juice for it. Known for containing citric acid properties, using this can exfoliate the skin well, thus preventing the possible development of acne.

After using any or all of these remedies and there hasnt been any noticeable improvement, it is best that you seek medical attention immediately.

The Miracle of Essential Oils

Often described as nature’s gift to us, essential oils provide natural remedies for minor ailments, the beautifying of our bodies, and helps to aid in promoting positive emotions. These oils are normally derived from plants using their flowers, stems, barks, roots and even sap. Various parts of the plant are then distilled to extract the precious essence that is seemingly life giving.

What makes essential oils so special? Maybe it’s the fact that they can be found anywhere as they are naturally grown sometimes in farms or even in wild conditions. Maybe it’s the fact that essential oils can provide a multitude of physiological benefits as well as have the power to calm our soul. Maybe it’s the fact that the use of essential oils dates back to almost a thousand years and is already embedded in our history although no one exactly prove that they work much less how they work. Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that they provide a natural method of healing that can’t always be found in synthetic compounds.

Take for example, the unique history of frankincense. The use of frankincense dates back to more than 5000 years with one use directly being cited in the bible. (Frankincense was one of the gifts presented to baby Jesus by the three wise men.) At one time, the value of frankincense equaled that of gold! It was noted for abundant healing properties including rejuvenating skin, treating acne, bacterial and fungal infections, and wounds and scars. Frankincense was also used as a treatment for arthritis and joint pain. In addition to all of that, frankincense was used as a cosmetic as well as for repelling mosquitoes, wheat moths, and sand flies. Most notably, however, is the use of frankincense in spiritual practices. Frankincense promotes the body’s ability to quiet one’s mind; slow breathing rates, and enhances meditation. To think that all of this was found in a single plant!

The miracle of essential oils is this: that we have already been provided with all of what we need for our physical and emotional healing. Many of the ailments we suffer are the results of destructive emotions such as stress, fatigue, anger, loneliness and the like. These emotions take a toll on our physical being and results in worsened conditions which we seemingly are unsure of how to cure.

The miracle of essential oils is that no matter what your physical condition may be, you can still receive positive benefits even though it may be something as small as reducing the amount of pain you experience. Aromatherapy can help to eliminate negative emotions and reach a place of emotional balance to help you deal with any situation coming your way. All it takes is a positive outlook on life – your life. The effects may seem small to non-existent at first, but with time, may snowball into reversing some of the effects of the ailments you experience. What if you received a report that your blood pressure lowered on your next trip to the doctor?

Before starting any aromatherapy regimen, consult with your doctor or aromatherapy practitioner. Aromatherapy should also not be used as a substitute for any medical treatment.

Naturopathic Remedies That Work In Harmony With Your Body

Naturopathic remedies are a reliance on natural remedies that work in conjunction with body’s own natural ability to cure and heal itself. Instead of focusing on the symptoms of a disease, the way that the medical profession will often do, naturopathy focuses on the cause of the condition. In this way the disease is seen as the body indicating that all is not well within the harmonious balance of the body and so some work must be done to rectify this.

The first step for a naturopath is to do a full and complete body physical followed by a detailed look at the lifestyle of the patient. They will also conduct tests for allergies and look closely at the diet and the choices that the patient makes regarding food and exercise.

The conditions that can be cured and managed using naturopathic remedies are as wide and varied as though that can be cured and managed using medicines from a traditional medical professional. These conditions range from colds and flus, through to pre-menstrual tension, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, mental conditions, acne and hypertension to name but a few.

Once you believe that the body does have the ability to heal and repair itself, then what must be done is for the body to be given the correct environment in which to do so. Therefore the basis of all good naturopathic remedies are founded on the belief that what goes into the body is important. Never was the saying you are what you eat! truer than in naturopathic healing.

Wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables, backed up with the right balance of minerals and nutrients for each individual will undoubtedly help the body to heal and recondition. Processed and fatty foods should always be avoided as these types of foods have ingredients and additives that have been altered by man and these will disrupt the body’s natural processes and throw it out of harmony. Avoid also processed sugars, salts and stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and nicotine.

Without a doubt, perhaps one of the best known naturopathic remedies is acupuncture. Acupuncture has always been popular throughout the world and still today, the interest and use of this ancient Chinese treatment continues to grow. This is no surprise since the principles that underline acupuncture are based on the philosophy that our bodies work better when the energy within us can flow naturally and correctly. When our energy pathways become blocked, we become ill. Acupuncture works by clearing these energy pathways and so helps us to heal.

Above all these remedies are based on the specific needs and conditions of each individual. That means they can often produce a much more beneficial healing result than the more conventional medicines.

Home Remedies For You Where To Start

Home remedies have been with us for centuries and just like most things their popularity ebbs and flows. Right now the popularity of all things natural is on the rise and many are on the look out to understand and gather some of the many home remedies that are out there. But just how do you go about finding home remedies for you that will work for you?

Your first step to finding home remedies for you that work is to start off with the most simple and straightforward remedies that you can find. If you have never seriously researched and investigated natural home remedies, then jumping in and trying to treat a major disease or condition without the advice and support of your conventional doctor is not advised and should be avoided.

Often times most people will use natural remedies for straightforward everyday injuries and conditions and that’s where you should start.

A toothache for instance, because of the way it often develops: out of nowhere, in the middle of the night when seeing a dentist is not possible, is an ideal ailment to attempt to treat via natural remedies.

Start by elevating the head if the toothache came on in the night when you were flat out asleep. By simply propping yourself up with some pillows you will ease the pressure in the head and sinus regions and this could be all that you need to ease the pain. If that isn’t sufficient, then you can place an ice cube on the painful tooth and this will numb the nerves and reduce inflammation. All great to buy you some time before you can get to the dentist.

Another of the home remedies for you that you might want to try is a remedy for Hay Fever. Hay Fever, that periodic burden on so many lives as the pollen rises, can be managed and kept at bay by following some simple steps. Have you tried lining the insides of your nostrils with petroleum jelly? You should try it if you suffer with Hay Fever! What this does is to trap and stop the pollen from entering through your nose and setting off your allergies. For Hay Fever you can also add a tea spoon of local honey, along with a tea spoon of apple cider vinegar to some hot water and drink as an early morning tea.

So, as you can see finding yourself some home remedies for you does not have to be a huge undertaking of mixing complex potions and concoctions, all it takes is a little common sense and a little research and before you know it, you’ll be using these remedies without giving them a second thought.