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The Side Effects of Drugs to Relieve Anxiety Stress

When people get sick, the first thing that comes to mind is taking a couple of pills with water then everything will be alright.

Though this works in some cases, people who experience stress due to anxiety have to be careful since these medication may have certain side effects.

One example is when the person uses the drug Paxil to treat a anxiety stress disorder. According to a test done in different parts of the world, people who have depressive disorder will often experience side effects such as sweating, nausea, insomnia, tremor, ejaculatory disturbance and other genital disorders after taking this drug.

People who have obsessive compulsive behavior, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety and post traumatic stress will also experience side effects but only to a certain degree.

Doctors who prescribe Xanax to patients also experience certain side effects. These include allergies, blurred vision, diarrhea, hyperventilation, difficulty in sleeping, painful menstruation, sexual dysfunction and weight gain or loss.

These will most likely happen when the person increases the dosage which is far more than that given by the doctor or when one doesn’t need the medicine anymore. Some doctors say these are the withdrawal symptoms the individual may expereince when these no longer need to be prescribed to the patient.

Another more popular drug used to treat anxiety disorder is Buspar. Some patients have reported to experience the same side effects as those of Xanax. These also include constipation, numbness, speech difficulty, rapid heart rate, twitching, nervousness and muscle cramps.

The drugs available in the market should only be used on a short term basis. Since a lot of patients have shown to have experienced certain side effects, doctors recommend that the patient comes in first for a proper examination before being prescribed these medications.

Given the side effects of these drugs, some doctors recommend the use of natural or alternative forms of treatment. These include the use of herbs which can be inhaled or ingested which has shown to produce the same or better results without the side effects.

Two of these herbs are Kava and Valerian. The person will be able to get relief and feel relaxed similar to those when taking Valium or Xanax. This can also be mixed with other ingredients if the person doesn’t like the smell or the taste when this is being ingested.

People who don’t like natural herbs can try exercising instead. The person can either sweat this off in a gym or produce the same effects by doing some breathing exercises. The individual can go to the gym and do this or buy an instructional video which can be done at home.

Those who are too tired to drive to the facility or buy one off the shelf can also relieve stress by getting a massage. The person can go to the gym and the beauty salon which have professionals and excellent facilities to treat people who suffer from anxiety stress.

The various treatments to treat anxiety stress should be able to relieve without any other pain in return. The best the doctor can do is change the prescription when this happens or try something new. The health professional should explain the pros and cons of each to the patient so the right one can be chosen.

How to Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Those who have used essential oils before becoming pregnant will probably want to use them during their pregnancy. Some people will want to try them for the first time while expecting. However, it’s important to know how to use essential oils safely during pregnancy.

There are many essential oils and blends of oils that just aren’t safe to use during pregnancy. Some herbs that are used in cooking should be avoided in their essential oils forms during all nine months of pregnancy. These include basil, bay leaves, sage, thyme, and oregano. Others are clove, marjoram, and wintergreen. Some of the essential oils are safe for use after the first trimester. There are remedies for many of the discomforts of pregnancy. For example, women often have morning sickness that lasts beyond the first trimester. If so, they can breathe in oil of peppermint, spearmint, or lemon.

It is easy to end up feeling tense and full of muscle pain when you are pregnant. If this happens, a massage could be just the thing you need. With the essential oils of lavender and chamomile mixed with vegetable oil, your partner can help ease away that tension.

Commonly, women suffer from swollen ankles and feet during pregnancy. If lavender, cypress, and juniper oils are mixed with vegetable oil, they can used for massage oil. This blend of essential oils can cause the swelling to decrease.

Pregnant women also have muscle cramps in their legs at times. For this, massage oil can be made from the essential oils of lavender and chamomile, just as for any muscle pain. However, with this pain and any pain of the feet and legs, it is important to be careful when doing the massage. Activating pressure points in these areas can induce labor.

Carrying around all that extra weight can make a woman feel quite fatigued. She may have given up coffee and caffeinated soft drinks for the health of her baby. To energize herself, she can mix essential oils of lavender, grapefruit, and orange with vegetable oil. This can be inhaled or rubbed on the solar plexus. Skin eruptions are common during pregnancies. They are uncomfortable and distressing to many women. Several different conditions can be helped by putting a mixture of essential oils and vegetable oil on the affected areas.

The essential oils you should use for dry skin are geranium, lavender, and rose. For inflamed skin, use chamomile. For itchy skin, use a combination of chamomile and lavender. These remedies should soothe the skin and make it smoother. There’s just no getting around stretch marks. If you are getting them, though, you might like to have a way to soothe them and keep them from itching. Just put lavender, geranium, and rosewood essential oils in your vegetable oil for massaging.

Do your homework if you are pregnant and wanting to use essential oils to relieve some of the discomforts associated with pregnancy. After the first trimester, there are certain essential oils that are safe to use. If in doubt, consult an expert. It’s important to take the safety of you and your baby into account.

Relieve Leg Cramps-Hydration Key For Prevention

Having cramps in your legs is never a pleasurable experience, but it’s even worse when those leg cramps strike when you are trying to sleep. They can wake you up out of a sound sleep and keep you up for hours. It’s not as common, but leg cramps can also strike during the day, making walking uncomfortable. Regardless of when they happen, there are things you can do to relieve leg cramps.

You can go most of your life without feeling leg cramps, but then they start to become a problem as you get older. You cant get into a time machine and get younger, so you need to take action and do what you can to treat your leg cramps.

Your first line of defense is to make sure that you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. This keeps everything in your body moving along. Aim for eight glasses of water per day, but you don’t have to obsess over it. Just do your best to make sure you’re getting a lot of water. Symptoms of dehydration include thirst and cramping, so it makes sense that staying hydrated will help to relieve leg cramps.

Many people have found that taking calcium supplements helps. A few researchers have found a link between leg cramps and calcium deficiency. Try drinking a glass of milk shortly before bedtime and see if that helps; if not, then a supplement may be the answer.

If you are on any kind of prescription then you should check the label carefully to see what the potential side effects are. There are medications that can cause muscle cramps, and some medicines can lower the level of potassium, magnesium or calcium in your body. Dehydration is also a possible side effect of a few prescription drugs. Be sure to discuss any of your concerns with your doctor or pharmacist.

A lot of times leg cramps are caused by a lack of activity, or from not going through their full range of motion. Doing stretches is one way to solve this problem. One stretch to help relieve leg cramps is to stand about two to three feet from wall and put your hands on the wall. Start doing a push-up like motion, but keep your feet completely flat on the floor. If it feels like it is stretching too much, then move a bit closer to the wall; if you can’t feel any stretching, then move back a bit. Be careful to not overdo it.

If, despite all of your best efforts, you end up needing to relieve leg cramps at night, then try this little trick: place your finger directly on your upper lip and then press gently. This is a pressure point that is connected to your leg, and can bring enough relief to get you to drift back asleep. Chances are the other remedies will work just fine, but it’s always good to have another trick up your sleeve just in case.

Meditation As Stress Management

This article explains a few things about stress, and if you’re interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don’t know.

Stress is positively a daft problem. When the mind goes haywire, then the prolong of your body will also do the same. You bequeath become emotionally unstable when you’re unbefitting the throes of stress and you will mostly like feel the repercussions on your body, like muscle cramps, headache, and more. It is important that a person learn stress management techniques to get rid of it before it becomes permanent.

Stress Is All In Your Mind

The initial issue of stress is in our minds. Our normal though patterns are disrupted that would often lead to confusion that would eventually affect us emotionally and physically when subjected to it for a long period of time. Stress is oftentimes caused by work and financial matters. Friends and family members can also become a source of your problem, especially when they go out of their way to create conflicts.

Since stress starts with the mind, then you need take the necessary steps to control it with your mind. Relaxation plays a major role in stress management is often the prelude to every other techniques to help you cope with the problem. We can never deny the fact that we can think clearly when we are at a relaxed state – – we weigh each thought that passes through our minds calmly and rationally, whether its a problem or just some stray meditation from the day’s events.

Meditation To Help You Relax

One way to help your mind relax is through meditation. This method can help you focus your mind clearly on a problem without getting distracted and come up with the right solution to get it out of your system. After all, a calm and focused mind can easily cope with stress.

There are two ways to do meditation – – you can either enroll in meditation classes or you can do it on your own. The former is perfect for those who have plenty of free time to spare since meditation classes takes around 2 to 3 hours per session. You will put on guided slowly by your mentor on the different exercises, both delirious and sensible, to help you relax.

If you dont have the pass well-suited to the demands of work, then you can do it on your own while you’re in the office or in the convenience of your own home.

Starting With Meditation

There are different methods and tools you can use to start meditation on your own. You can listen to calm music or chant a mantra. You can buy books to help you achieve meditation through visualization techniques. Pick one that suits our taste and get started.

First find a quiet nook to start your meditation exercise. If it’s your initial time at corporeal then make sure that you won’t get distracted with the noise in your surroundings. Lock your room or tell everyone that you dont thirst to be disturbed.

Takeoff with the meditation by looking for a domicile where you can sit down and relax. Dont lie down since that will only put you to sleep before you can exhaustive the exercise. Apply your own relaxation method. Punch on your mind and let random thoughts fill your head. Observe each thought calmly as if you are watching a movie. If a stressful scene comes out, try your best not to focus on it. Place maturity this exercise until you arrive at a time when your mind becomes blank.

Next is to think of unique problem that you want to solve and focus on it. Again, dont get emotionally attached to the image and only observe it in passing. You will eventually arrive at a solution to the problem without even noticing it.

Now you can understand why there’s a growing interest in stress. When people start looking for more information about stress, you’ll be in a position to meet their needs.