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Hormones And Thyroid-Active Or Under Active

Hormones and Thyroid are what control your metabolism and help keep your body running efficiency. If your thyroid is not operating as it should, this can lead to a host of problems. The two main issues with your thyroid are hyperthyroidism, where it is over active, and hypothyroidism, where it is under active.

While hyperthyroidism is not as common as hypothyroidism, both conditions stem from iodine. Iodine is a crucial element in thyroid function as it acts as a fuel for your thyroid gland. Hyperthyroidism is generally caused when you take in too much iodine and hypothyroidism is generally caused by not getting enough iodine.

A slew of symptoms can occur from both over active and under active thyroid glands. From gaining weight and being unable to shed it to losing too much weight and putting your health at risk. There are also mental symptoms such as depression and anxiety that can be caused by these conditions.

These problems are why it is important to maintain a balanced intake of iodine so that your thyroid can function normally. The problem with this is that most people do not even know whether or not their thyroid is acting up.

All the symptoms caused by your Hormones and Throid gland acting up can also be caused by a variety of other things, which makes it incredibly difficult to determine whether or not your thyroid is to blame. It is actually because of this that most cases of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism go untreated for a long time.

If you think that your thyroid is to blame then it is advised you go to your doctor and ask them to check it out for you. A simple blood test is all it takes to determine whether or not your thyroid is the cause.

While these conditions are pretty mild and easily treated, they are not something you should ignore if you can help it. They can lead to more serious problems down the road if left untreated and there is always the chance that it is something more serious that is causing your thyroid to go out of whack such as cancer.

If it turns out that your thyroid is the cause and you are suffering from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, do not be all that concerned. As I already said, these are fairly mild conditions and are easily treated. In most cases simply adjusting your intake of iodine can do the trick.

While this is a lifelong problem you will have to live with, it will not have all that much impact on your daily life. Simply taking medication and maybe adjusting your diet is all that is required to get your Hormones and Throid back in working order.

If, in the unlikely event that your thyroid problems stem from something else you might have to take more drastic measures. As always you should talk to your doctor and get all the facts from them. They will tell you what you should do in order to deal with any condition you may be suffering.

Dehumidifier Specs

Dehumidifier specs differ from one model or brand name to the next but all dehumidifiers are relatively the same. They all will help reduce the moisture level in your home and make your home more comfortable to live in and save you money on heating and cooling costs.

The first dehumidifier specs you need to know before you buy one is the amount of square footage the unit will cover. Measure the size of the room or area that needs moisture reduction and keep that number in mind when you go buy the dehumidifier.

Next, check the range of the humidity the unit can remove. A good range should be around 35-70 percent. You should be able to manually program the unit to an optimum 45-50% humidity in your home. Find a unit that, once set, will remain at that setting, and turn itself back on, even if the power goes out.

Also make sure at what temperature the unit will start to freeze up. If your basement area is the area of your home that needs dehumidification and temperature of the area is below 65 degrees you need to buy a unit that will operate under these conditions.

If the temperature of the area goes below the specified maximum operating temperature of the unit, the unit will freeze up. The coils will condense and this condensation will freeze up due to the refrigerant used to draw the moisture from the air.

A low temperature unit will maintain maximum operating efficiency at temperatures down to 40 degrees before frost forms on the coils. Once frost does form on the coils the unit must be shut down and allowed to defrost before starting up again.

Another aspect of buying the right dehumidifier is the size of the bucket. How much water does the dehumidifier hold and will it shut itself off when it gets full. Measurement is usually in pints and can range from 40 pints to 65 pints to over 100 pints depending on the size of the unit.

Some units can be hooked to a hose or come with a drainage pipe that can be run to a floor drain so there is no need to empty a full, heavy bucket of water everyday. If you are not able to buy a unit like this then you will be subjected to lifting that bucket out of the machine every day to empty it. The unit will shut itself off when the bucket is at capacity.

If the square footage allows, you can buy a model that can be ducted to other rooms so the humidity level can be managed throughout your home and not just in one area.

You may need to take the weight of the unit into consideration if you are planning to place the unit on anything but the floor. An average unit may weight as much as 90 pounds or more at full capacity. Do not ever place the unit on anything that cannot safely hold this kind of weight.

These dehumidifier specs should help you buy the right type of unit for your specific needs.

Why Use Heart Rate Monitor

If you are still thinking of getting a heart rate monitor, the following reasons might make you decide. Here are some of the reasons why people should use heart rate monitor:

Fitness monitor: When people train, they need result and that result in one and only one thing: cardiovascular fitness. Since this is the single most important part of every training, having the right tool to monitor the cardiovascular fitness is very important. The heart rate monitor lets the user to know if the intensity of the training is too much or just right.

Accuracy: If you are using your fingers to know what is your current heart rate, you are probably having a difficult time determining your precise heart rate. With the heart rate monitor, you can determine your current heart rate more effectively plus the ease of eliminating the hassle of counting your heart rate with your fingers against time.

Training Efficiency: For people who take training seriously, making the most out of every minute of training is very important. Everyday many trainers, athletes, and health conscious hit their daily training routine. But most of them are not conscious about the right intensity of the training that sometimes they tend to over-train. This increases the risk of injury plus the given fact that they are not getting the right result equivalent to the effort they exert. With the heart rate monitor, the intensity of training is regulated to get the best exercise or training possible with the least amount of effort.

If there is over-training, there should be under-training. Like the former, the latter usually happens, as the right amount of intensity can never be accurately monitored. The heart rate monitor will eliminate such problem at the device will enable the user to determine if he achieves the desired level of training intensity.

Pacing during the competition: When you are on the race trying to beat all other contenders, you also have to know when to step on your gas or when to slow down. Without the heart rate monitor, this is not possible. Heart rate monitor will let you know if your pacing is right for your body. Runners are prevented from going too fast or going to slow with the help of the heart rate monitor.

Satisfaction: If running may be a little bit boring to you, the use of heart rate monitor will give you more reasons to keep on running. The excitement it provides with all the details and the data it shows will guarantee you that you will get more and more miles behind you.