Simple Eczema Remedies

Eczema remedies are often investigated by those with this skin condition because the traditional medical creams, ointments and pills can be harsh and abrasive. The need to take control and manage this skin condition naturally, with as few side effects as possible, is for many, the ultimate … Continue reading

Have We Become Too Clean?

It seems the more advanced our society becomes and the cleaner we get, the more prevalent food and other allergies become. The occurrences of common allergies are much higher in more developed countries than in their lesser developed counter parts. And the numbers are increasing as … Continue reading

Asthma Types

You can never really tell the onset of asthma. However, if your family has a history of asthma, you need to be extra careful because you might develop the condition as well. Asthma is of different types extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic Asthma So far, most of the asthma patients in the … Continue reading