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Obesity And Heart Failure-Strong Link To Each Other

Being overweight is not only bad for your image, it’s bad for your health, too. That probably doesn’t come as a shock to you, but there are some things that may surprise you about obesity and heart failure. While the correlation between heart failure and high blood pressure, diabetes, or coronary heart disease has long been understood, it’s only recently that researchers are discovering the strong link to obesity.

One thing researchers found is that any increase in weight seems to correlate to an increased risk of heart failure. Some people think that only the morbidly obese are at risk, but that is not the case. Being as little as ten pounds overweight may have an impact on your likelihood of experiencing heart failure. It also seems that the more overweight you are, the greater the risk.

In one study, participants who were obese were three times more likely to suffer heart failure than those who were overweight, but those who were overweight were more likely to suffer than those who maintained an ideal weight.

The results of this and other studies show a clear link between obesity and heart failure. One of the causes appears to be LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy), which is a fancy way of saying that the walls of the heart get too thick to work properly. Another cause that may lead to heart failure in the obese is metabolic syndrome X, a condition that has a negative effect on lipids.

NOTE: You should always talk to your doctor about any health concerns you have including obesity and heart disease.

At first, this situation causes a dilemma. Which one should you treat first, the LVH and metabolic syndrome X, or the obesity? There are treatments that are effective in battling the first two conditions, and they may help to take care of the immediate threat of heart failure. However, treating the obesity decreases the overall risk, though it can take a bit longer to see results. The answer is that all conditions should be treated at the same time. In other words, if you have LVH or metabolic syndrome X, and are obese, then you should get the first two conditions treated and start losing weight as well.

You will have to discuss your treatment options with your doctor, but there are several things you can start doing right away to lose weight.

When it comes right down to it, there is only one way that anybody can lose weight. They have to burn more calories than their body stores. Two-pronged approach is the best way to go. Decrease the number of calories you take in by watching what you eat, and burn more calories by exercising. Again, always talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet or exercise routine.

The main thing to remember is that if you are overweight, then you are increasing your risk of many diseases. Obesity and heart failure need to be taken seriously, so it’s important that you take action.

Better Your Memory by Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

As you age, you may feel like your memory is slowly losing its ability to store as much information like it used to. Although this is a natural occurrence, you can do things and various exercises to help yourself not easily lose its grip when it comes to remembering things and better your memory. Memory is defined in psychology as the mental ability of an organism to retain and store as well as recall information.

In the older days, the study of memory falls under the fields of philosophy. People even dig up on techniques to artificially enhance the memory. In the late 19th up to the early 20th century, the study of memory became part of the paradigms of the cognitive psychology. As of today, this is one of the major fields in the branch of science known as cognitive neuroscience.

How the Memory Works

There are three stages that happen when you form and retrieve information as part of your memory. First, the information is encoded or registered once it is received by your brain. After that, your brain tries to create a permanent record of the information and store as much as it could. Whenever the need arise, your brain will help you recall the stored information and retrieve whatever will help you on the circumstance that you are in.

Disorders Associated with Memory

The most common disorder that is being incurred in this regard is the loss of memory, also known as amnesia. There are many types of amnesia and studies are being done continuously to know more about the field as well as to solve the dilemma. Other known disorders that usually hit older people is the Alzheimers disease. There is also a disorder that centers into ones autobiographical memory or when they cannot dismiss even the littlest details. This is known as the hyperthymesic syndrome.

Better Memory

You dont have to wait until a disorder hits you before you act on to improving your memory. When you are aware as to how your brain works in getting and storing the information that come from various sources. You can compare your brains ability to store information to how a computer functions.

Your computer will eventually crash if you dont do certain steps to take care of it. You must let it rest and cool off after you have used it for a long time. You must also do a regular checkup to see if it is still virus free and there are no potent errors that may lead to its crash. This is also what you must do on your brain to make sure that it wont give in or gain lapses through time.

You must treat your brain right so that you will benefit from its superb performance as you age. By leading a healthy lifestyle, you will help your brain retain its usual performance. Even if you think like you are good in remembering things, you must not abuse such ability. You can help your brain to stay at the top of its game by leading a healthy lifestyle. You must not engage on drugs and other substance abuse. You must also refrain from drinking too much beverages.

Your brain needs a healthy supply of oxygen for it to function well. You can achieve such by exercising regularly and also by getting enough sleep. By resorting to these techniques, you will better your memory in the long run.

Eczema Treatment Whats a Pregnant Woman with Eczema to

Eczema Treatment Whats a Pregnant Woman with Eczema to Do?

A woman with eczema during pregnancy is swamped with a lot of concerns. Should she continue her typical eczema treatment? Will it not have some nasty effects on the baby shes carrying in her womb? Its normal for her to be concerned about both her and her babys health when it comes to taking medications, since side effects obviously expose the two of them to certain risks.

1. It is best to talk with your doctor before continuing to take any eczema medications. Some medications are safe for use during pregnancy, while others may cause birth defects. That is why medications are categorized based on their potential effects to a pregnant woman and the baby inside her. Her doctor can help weigh the benefits and risks of continuing with her eczema medications, and advise her accordingly should there be a need for alternative treatments instead.

2. One of the symptoms of eczema flare ups is itchiness. A pregnant woman should be able to rest and sleep a lot to ensure her healthy pregnancy. However, at night, a restful sleep may become extremely difficult to achieve because of severe itching. Because of this, she should ask her doctor for a medication that will relieve this dilemma a medication without any bad effects to her and her babys health.

3. There are many eczema remedies out there that claim to be herbal or all natural. A pregnant woman should not just take them right away without consulting her doctor first. Even though these kinds of medications sound like theyre safe for use, they do not come without side effects. She should never believe right away their claims that they do not endanger the health of a person in any way. The truth is some of these products have been linked to cases of miscarriages, premature births and birth defects.

4. The best thing a pregnant woman with eczema to do is prevent the occurrence of flare ups. She can achieve this by carefully sticking to good skin practices designed especially for eczematous skin. When taking a bath, she should use lukewarm water instead of hot water. A gentle soap should be used, the kind free of fragrances, colorants and other chemicals that may irritate her skin condition. She should remember to apply moisturizers onto the affected skin areas within 2-3 minutes after taking a bath. Moisturizing is a pregnant womans first line of defense against flare ups.

5. Stress reduction is advised for every pregnant woman not just for those with eczema. Of course pregnancy is a stressful phase in a womans life. However, she should find ways on how to effectively relax and get rid of thoughts that cause her stress. Stress will only aggravate her eczema. It also has some bad effects such as premature labor and birth, low birth weight and many others.

6. A pregnant woman should be able to point out the triggering factors for her flare ups, and try her best to stay away from them. Some of the most common triggering factors include perfumes, detergents, fabrics like polyester and wool, and others. Excessive heat and cold also causes flare ups. During summer, she should avoid sweating too much by staying in air-conditioned rooms with humidifiers installed. During winter, she should always apply moisturizers to prevent the skin from excessive drying.

Eczema treatment for a pregnant woman is really not at all that tricky, as long as she sticks to the pointers mentioned above, and with regular communication and checkup with her doctor.

Ways to Keep Yourself from Thinking about Spider Vein Treatment

Ways to Keep Yourself from Thinking about Spider Vein Treatment

Different people have different views when it comes to aging. Some people accept the fact wholeheartedly while some wont give up in looking for ways on how they can slow down the process. They will see what creams are best suited to diminish wrinkles. They will look around for spider vein treatment. They will look all over the cyberspace for known researches about the matter.

But the fact remains that we will all grow old. And whether you like it or not, you will not be able to retain the baby skin and the young appeal all throughout your life. The science has developed new techniques and tricks to help you with such dilemma. But if you are the type who likes to give it all up to nature and let it take its course, here are some recommendations that you can try for one goal. You must set your mind about aging gracefully.

1. Instead of being too conscious with the way you look, try seeing things at a different perspective. Look at life at its whole. Excel on things that you think will create a change and a positive impact towards the lives of other people. When you are doing nice things to other people, not only you will feel beautiful inside out but other people will also perceive you as such. They will learn to look at you beyond the facade.

2. Involve yourself on other hobbies, events or sports that you havent tried before. When you are always on the go, when you feel like you are accomplishing so much despite your age, you wont feel the days passing by. Through this, you will not dwell too much as to the vanities of life or how your physical appearance keeps on changing as days go by.

3. You must find out what you love doing the best and allow yourself to fulfill the dream of accomplishing whatever that is. It will help you create a different attitude on life. This will help you keep your focus on the important things that surround you. This will also take your mind off with the wrinkles, the veins, even the white hairs and different signs of aging.

4. Learn something new each day. This is easier to do nowadays as everything can be researched online. You have to take time in researching about different things, things that you never knew you would be interested in. This will make you mature not only gracefully, but wiser and brighter. Who would ever credit you for your physical appearance first when you are showing lots of potential in terms of your intelligence?

5. Try to meet various types of people. If possible, you must set time to find new friends as days go by. This way, you will not feel the boredom and loneliness that the coming days might bring. You just have to make sure that you choose the right company of friends. You dont want to be influenced by those who regard beauty and vanity more than anything else.

Bear in mind and on your heart such tricks, especially when the time comes that you are itching for spider vein treatment and the best anti-aging cream. Remember that you can help yourself not to dwell on the physical attributes of such things. You just have to learn to accept and find ways to help you in the long run.