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Making Money Selling Essential Oils

Looking for a way to generate income? Get excited because we are starting to see more and more consumers are flocking to the internet to purchase their health and beauty products and what’s more is that consumers are becoming increasingly educated about the products they choose to use. There is more of an awareness and increasing desire to use all natural, organic products as consumers become more health conscious.

That’s great news but are you still wondering how this can benefit you? Essential oils are commonly used in aromatherapy practices. The oils, when used under the guidance and care of a medical professional or aromatherapy practitioner, offer an all natural way to treat minor ailments. In addition, they are also known to stimulate emotional balance within oneself. There is a lot of information on how and what to use these oils already prepared for you on the internet. The opportunity to financially benefit from this lies in the ability to relay this information and offer products for purchase and use.

Did you know that affiliate programs selling essential oils are reported to pay 5 – 20% of the total sales? The commission can vary in each company, but that’s still not a bad sum of money considering an average sale in the health and beauty arena can easily top $50. And remember that is all being done online!

Even if you have no experience selling on the internet or working with essential oils, you can easily get set up with online business website or incorporate the oil suppliers to an existing website (easily through links). These are called affiliate programs. While it’s not recommended to be an uninformed seller, you can educate yourself through the various resources supplied via the internet. In fact, as a affiliate, the company already provides much of the information on their own website that you link to or they will provide you will a website that already has the company provided information on it. They don’t want to be at risk any more than you do!

There are several affiliate programs for companies selling essential oils. A quick search on Google will identify them. Then take some time to visit the web pages to determine if the program is right for you. Of course, you’ll also need to gain some internet marketing skills, but at least gaining clients won’t involve knocking on doors (unless you want it too)! Also, check to see if the affiliate company offers any support in developing you in online sales. If not, there are other companies that do!

Still wondering if this is right for you? The fact is that the internet is here to stay and on top of that, online sales are continuously growing! You may not be an over night success, but with education and diligent work, you can still reach your financial dreams and goals! Get your piece of the internet revenue pie. Start your online business today! Make money selling essential oils!

Guideline for Determining Essential Oil Quality

How can I determine the quality of the essential oil I am purchasing? A quick search on Google for essential oils suppliers will show that costs for essential oils varies and they vary a lot! How can you decide which oil to purchase? Here are a few factors to help you determine the level of quality of the oil you intend to purchase.

Essential oils are derived from plants. They go through a process which could impact the quality of the oil being used. The plants can be grown on a farm or “wild crafting” conditions and factors such as soil condition and rainfall affect can impact the oil quality. Essential oil descriptions should also contain the country of origin since the quality of the oil can vary from country to country. The use of pesticides or other chemicals can also impact the essential oil obtained. It is important to note that pesticides may also adulterate the essential oil if it is not eliminated in the manufacturing process. Adulteration becomes important if you plan on using the essential oil for therapeutic purposes. Even if you plan on using the oils as an air freshener, the aroma contains particles that enter your blood stream via inhalation.

Essential oils in the market place can be found in various dilutions or even marketed as perfume oils or aromatherapy oils. There are wide variations and taking the time to read the labels, product descriptions and research your product will help to safely assess the quality of the oil. Perfume oils are not the same as essential oils and they do not share the therapeutic benefits that essential oils have. Aromatherapy oils may have already been blended with other oils or chemicals. Preservatives may have been added to protect and enhance the mixture.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing diluted, pre-mixed blends or perfume oils but just beware of what you are purchasing at what price. As you price shop at various stores online, you will find that many stores claim to sell essential oils, but in actuality, they are only selling a diluted version of the oil or the perfume oil. These oils are excellent for making soaps, creams, bath salts and other beauty body products.

While there are no set standards for the shelf life of essential oils, most can be used within 1 – 2 years after opening. The oils should be stored in a dark bottle (amber glass or blue cobalt works nicely) and tightly sealed. Bottles with rubber stoppers should not be used to store the essential oil since the potency of the oil degrades the rubber and turns it into a gummy substance. The rubber can then fall into the oil thus contaminating the purity of the oil. Also, excessive exposure of the oil to sun’s ultra violet rays, heat, or air will degrade the oil. The oils should also be stored in a cool, dark place once you have them. A wooden craft box works nicely.

Be the informed buyer. Take the time to learn about what you are purchasing and then check if that fulfills your intended use. You will find that the quality of the essential oils can vary greatly and understanding what information is being provided to you will impact your purchasing decision.

A Beginner’s Guide To Using Aromatherapy With Children

This article explains a few things about alternative medicine, and if you’re interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don’t know.
A Beginner’s Guide To Using Aromatherapy With Children

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Reliance your instinct – a beginners guide to using aromatherapy with young:

Essential oils are pure aromatic plant essences they are distilled from flowers, fruit, leaves, resins, roots, seeds, and wood. The are used for their healing properties the world over in, for example, they are only available through licensed, qualified parishioners. In the United States, we have free access to essential oils but squirrel this comes with some important cautions: Only some of t…

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Trust your instinct – a beginners guide to using aromatherapy with children:

Essential oils are pure aromatic plant essences they are distilled from flowers, flak, leaves, resins, roots, seeds, and wood. The are used for their healing properties the world over in, for paradigm, they are only available through licensed, qualified parishioners. In the United States, we have free access to fundamental oils but with this comes with some important cautions: Only some of the essential oils available are suitable for children; others are not pragmatic for children and some are even perilous to children ( children with epilepsy should not come in contact with stimulating essential oils ).

When used correctly however, essential oils can embody of great benefit, and cede not conflict with your childs medically prescribed drugs. Always research the oil of choice thoroughly before using with your unseasoned or child ask assist from a tried practitioner, or see the references at the end of this article.

That said, essential oils can be a wonderful way of supporting your child’s health, happiness and well – being. Fundamental oils can be very therapeutic and nurturing to both your daughter and you, the caregiver. Essential oils are used externally ( on the outside of the body ) in your childs bath, body lotions, oils, creams, gels, compresses, foot baths, or in a oil warmer. The effects of aromatherapy will often nosedive into one of three main categories: 1 ) Assisting in healing from minor illnesses and accidents, 2 ) Supporting your childs overall sense of well – being, and 3 ) Assisting your child in acceptance quality rest.

When using essential oils adumbrate your child, it is necessitous that you find a reputable supplier of therapeutic – grade essential oils, using organic or wildcrafted varieties when possible. Synthetic copies of oils commonly used in perfumery are not appropriate, and may even be harmful to your childs health. To maintain efficacy, essential oils should be kept in dark amber or cobalt glass containers, in a dark and algid location, away from the childs way. Wooden storage boxes from craft or ‘Pier One’ type stores can make a nice container for the bottles.

Methods of Using Essential Oils

There are two methods of using essential oils with your child INHALATION: complete a diffuser, nebulizer, or adding to a humidifier reservoir, and TOPICAL APPLICATION: diluting the essential oil in a carrier oil and applying topically. Adding essential oils to a bath combines the two methods, though we will cover undoubted under topical application.

For topical application, essential oils are diluted in varying strengths depending on the use and age of your child. The concentration can vary from one drop of essential oil per tablespoon of carrier oil, to a couple of drops per teaspoon of carrier more to a drawn bath, to an equal relationship of carrier and needed oil applied directly to your childs feet ( as in the case of gentle Lavender ). In other words, there is a huge variation in dilution levels depending on the circumstances. Mamas, do your research and then trust your instinct. Only you further your child little one know exactly what is right for your locus.

Habitual dilution rate guidelines of essential oils predominance one ounce of carrier oil:

Age of Child and amount of Essential Oil per Onliest Ounce Carrier Oil being Topical / Massage Application:

Newborn ( Consult primary disturbance physician before use )

1 – 3 drops essential oil / ounce
2 – 6 months
1 – 3 drops essential oil / ounce
6 – 12 months
1 – 4 drops essential oil / ounce
1 – 4 years ( unless very small )
5 – 8 drops foremost oil / ounce
6 – 7 years
5 – 10 drops essential oil / ounce
9 – 12 years
5 – 12 drops right-hand oil / ounce
12 years to young seductive
10 – 15 drops essential oil / ounce

DO NOT USE AN ESSENTIAL OIL NEAT ( undiluted ) on childrens skin, unless indicated to do so for a specific condition. If your son has very sensitive bill, it is important to test a small area before using a up-to-date single oil or blend. Keep essential oils away form the eyes. When using citrus oils – orange, bergamot, lemon, tangerine, mandarin, and lime – do not use where the skin will be exposed to sunlight for the next 12 hours. These oils are considered ‘phototoxic’, and can react from the sun’s rays. They may be used in a bath, however, where they will be washed off the skin when the bath is done.

Essential oils are not to be taken orally ( by mouth ). When your tot is taking medications, reduce the amount of capital oil by half the amount recommended for their age group.

Carrier oils for offspring

Sweet Almond oil is generally regarded now the safest and inimitable overall carrier oil for use with babies and children. Apricot kernel oil is further considered extremely safe cache children over 6. Jojoba oil responsibility be added at about 10 % concentration for any blend it has a soothing effect on the payment and is good for hair.

Topical Application – Nurturing Touch Massage Recipes

There is nothing better for any child than the loving, nurturing touch of a author. A educated hug, a smile, a kiss on the cheek all reassure the child and help the parent and child to bond. These everyday forms of connection are instinctual and children thrive from it.

Research shows that press can help childrens growth both physically and emotionally. In hospitals, studies done squirrel premature babys show that touch is an essential aspect of the childrens ability to thrive.

Using aromatherapeutic nurturing touch massage can be therapeutic to both the child and the parent. Using a light, conscientious tough you can massage your childs feet, arms, hands, back, abdomen, and even legs. The massage should always be done with loving essay and the work is done in the direction that the blood flows – from ankles to leg; from wrist to shoulder, etc.

Here are a few suggested blends for this outstanding method each is in one ( 1 ) ounce of Sweet Almond oil:

Restful Land 4 drops lavender, 2 drops Roman Chamomile

Happy Child 3 drops Rose, 1 drop Neroli

Mild and Relaxed 3 drops Petitgrain, 3 drops Neroli

Emotional Nurturing 1 drop Rose, 1 drop Vanilla, 2 drops Lavender

For a Baby oil blend, to be used as a moisturizer OR massage oil ( note: the frequent washing of a baby’s skin actually makes it difficult for them to retain vitamin C; application of a quality skin oil will help them keep operative supplies of this important nutrient ).

1 ounce of organic sweet almond oil or hazelnut oil
1 drop of certified Lavender requisite oil
1 drop of Vanilla essential oil


1 ounce of uncondensed like sugar almond oil
2 drops of pure Lavender essential oil
1 drop of pure Chamomile ( German ) essential oil

The above blends answerability also speak for added to the bath. Individual teaspoon with the following amount of foremost oils added can be added AFTER the bath is filled, per the age of the child: 3 – 5 senescence, 2 drops; 6 – 8 years, 3 drops; 8 – 11 years, 5 drops. Perhaps the easiest way to do this would be to make a full endowment blend ( without carrier oil ) of your choice, then dilute as needed for the application.

Inhalation of essential oils

For inhalation, one can apply one or two drops to a handkerchief and inhale, or build in oils to a water misting bottle or humidifier. Calming essential oils that may be used are Lavender ( recommended for sleep one to four drops can be placed under the pillow ), Mandarin, Roman Chamomile, Ho Wood ( an ecologically friendly replacement for Rosewood ), Tangerine, Petitgrain, Vanilla, and Neroli. Use these oils singly, create your own blend, or use one of the body oil blends above without the carrier oil. A few drops per quart of water in a mister sprayed throughout a room or added humidifier resevoir will do.

For an anti – anxiety blend: Try 5 drops bergamot, 1 drop lavender and 3 drops geranium flood to 10 drops per pint of water for a room spray or purpose in a humidifier, or dilute to the appropriate level for your child’s age if using topically. For alertness, try lemon, bergamot, grapefruit or pine, either singly or importance a blend that pleases your senses ( usually the best way to melt is to trust your nose! )

Essential oils can also be used in a candle lamp or warmer with the oil gently evaporated from the surface of a small bowl of water by the heat of a candle. An intense nebulizing diffuser is generally not recommended for use with children, as the concentration of oils leadership the air can be too high.

Last but not least, essential oils are wonderful antiseptics.

Cuts and scrapes are simply a street of life for the little ones! A extreme blend for minor wounds is a 1: 1 mix of Lavender and Tea Tree oil. The lavender is soothing, resistive – inflammatory, and has regenerative ‘ketones’, while the tea tree is a strong antiseptic used for many generations by native Australians. Use this blend in the water used for cleaning wounds, again apply a few drops to the gauze of a bandage do not apply directly to the skin as it will reproduce unnecessarily irritating. On the bandage, however, it will be soothing and accelerate the healing process.

For this is a very brief overview of using essential oils duck children. Competent are many, many diverse applications for constitutive oils due to almost every conceivable minor ailment seen in childhood. The key is letters finding a good practitioner, or reputable resource for your needs. For further reading, books by Valerie Ann Woorwood are excellent: ” Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child ” and ” The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy “; owing to safety data, see ” Essential Oil Safety ” by Robert Tisserand and Tony Balacs. The essential oils mentioned within this article are recognized because safe for most humans if you or your calf are noted through having a specific illness, and / or are under a doctor’s regular care, please consult an appropriate practitioner before proceeding.

That said, aromatherpy can be a authentic fun again rewarding endevor for both you and your child. Prerequisite oils have benefited the lives of many the microcosm over, and have a little bit of plant magic available to everyone.

Of course, it’s impossible to put everything about alternative medicine into just one article. But you can’t deny that you’ve just added to your understanding about alternative medicine, and that’s time well spent.

Essential Oils for Energizing Yourself

Essential oils can help you release stress and bring back important energy levels in your daily active life. Using essential oils in aromatherapy in your home, car, office, or any other place you spend vital amounts of time can help your energy levels increase. Just a day of use from these important oil products will have you feeling more vitalized and the reduced stress will allow you to deal with the days pressures more calmly.

Using essential oils is an easy process. Certain aromas will help with different illnesses, disease, stress, and energy. Choosing the right oil for your aromatherapy is important to help relieve the different adverse effects on the body. Once you choose your essential oil, you can place just a few drops into a burner, a light bulb, on a heater or even on your body in light amounts to continually benefit from the powerful scents. Throughout the day, using the essential oils will activate your body and mind with positive outcomes.

Stress is a powerfully negative effect on your body and inner strength. The aromatherapy helps eliminate the stress whereby increasing energy levels and counteracting the harmful processes of high levels of stress. Stress and energy counter each other and stress will eventually win as the day ages. Your body replenishes levels of energy after a good nights sleep, but stress can adversely affect sleep patterns allowing stress to ultimately win the battle. This will keep you tired and agitated during the day, which is why aromatherapy with essential oils will greatly benefit a busy lifestyle. With the continual backlash of work pressure, deadlines, and home care your stress can take over your life. Essential oils will help your mind and body fight back.

Essential oils for aromatherapy in the office are especially useful. Probably the most stressful parts of our day involve the work pressures in the office. Just a simple few drops in a burner in your office can greatly combat the stress levels that rise during a busy work day. Other office employees will even appreciate the smell of a good essential oil that rids the rest of the office of harsh smells.

Not all essential oils are strong, pungent smells that travel long distances. Some essential oils are subtle and light. Even at low levels, your body is able to smell the scents and use them for positive benefits. They can help you relax and increase energy levels even at low levels.

Increasing energy is a major benefit of scents such as grapefruit, pine, and litsea. You can use these essential oil smells separately or in combination for a fully powerful benefit. Each essential oil has a certain effect separately, and in combination the effects are powerfully synergistic.


If you have ever peeled a fresh grapefruit for a healthy morning breakfast then you already know the refreshing benefits of grapefruit essential oils. The tangy fruit has an uplifting, stimulating effect from its citrus foundation. Use this type of oil to invigorate and create a feeling of refreshed energy.

Pine Needle

Having a Christmas Tree inside your home will help you realize the benefits of this aroma. Using this essential oil clears your mind and acts as a refreshing antiseptic. The aroma clears your head from the negative thoughts from the day and helps make your body feel positively revitalized.

Litsea Cubeba

A less commonly known essential oil is the litsea cubeba. It is an uplifting essential oil that makes your body feel strengthened and balanced. Like the grapefruit, it also has a citrus lemon smell that brings a refreshing effect for energy levels.

Used in each part, these essential oils bring each of these effects to individuals that need an affordable, relaxing aromatherapy that can be done at home or in the office. Use them together, and your body, mind, and soul will feel ultimately refreshed and the stress of the day will seem to dissipate from your body.


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