Will Using A Body Building DVD Work

Using a body building DVD doesn't offer the same benefits as working out in your gym under the watchful gaze of the instructor. But you could use it to provide some inspiration if you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed and wonder if you will ever see the results you crave. They are also a … Continue reading

Weight Gain And Cholesterol

It's really not a secret that there is a connection between weight gain and cholesterol levels. If you are overweight one of the best things you can do for your body is lose your excess body weight. Weight gain and cholesterol is a common problem for many people as they age. When we age we … Continue reading

Type I Diabetes Diet

According to the American Diabetes association and the American Dietetic Association, there are very specific guidelines regarding your diet if you have Diabetes and the following article will outline those guidelines for your Type I diabetes diet. Diet is important when you have diabetes … Continue reading