Dairy Products And Acne, What You Should Know

Did you know that your diet could cause acne, or even worsen it?

Well, check out this latest research done at the American in Harvard.

The facts are that despite what was commonly thought of chocolate and greasy food would cause acne, this is long proven wrong. Now the basic stable data here is that what cause acne to manifest itself are during hormonal fluctuations and genetics. Therefore the times prone to experience this uncomfortable condition is during , pregnancy and menopause.

But the latest research point to one or two exceptions involving . The analyzed about 50,000 peoples habits and diets specially what they ate during high school. Those who habitually drank two-three cups of milk a day where 22% prone to have compared to those who only drank one cup a week or less.

Skim milk had the greatest effect.

and cottage cheese were also related to outbreaks, while chocolate and grease were not. Basically researchers were certain to prove the effect of hormones on milk, other studies had come out with similar findings and share this discovery.

You also have to know that food that contain iodides, like shellfish and soy sauce, might also exacerbate acne. Iodides are thought to play a role in the inflammation, this confirmed by Dr. Diane S. , an assistant professor of dermatology at .

So, the bottom line is that certain foods particularly dairy products, has proven to generate acne and some times, severe condition of acne.

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